Written by Emily Cleland

August 20, 2023

The concept of Oneness can be found in almost every esoteric teaching across the globe.  Most religions speak of it.  Many ancient cultures and civilizations lived by it.  Our indigenous tribes uphold it.  And we seem to be rediscovering it.

Scientists are even at the beginning stages of being able to measure it.  There is an interesting phenomenon in quantum physics that is referred to as quantum entanglement.  Basically, if you separate anything no matter what the distance and create an effect on one of the things the other can still be affected in the exact same way at the exact same time (at the quantum level).  Pretty Neat!

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“Quantum entanglement is a physical phenomenon that occurs when pairs or groups of particles are generated or interact in ways such that the quantum state of each particle cannot be described independently of the others, even when the particles are separated by a large distance—instead, a quantum state must be described for the system as a whole.”

This is a good prelude into how I understand the idea of ‘Oneness.’  We were all ‘ONE’ at some point. Meaning, we all came from Nothing, or The Void, and from there separated further and further into fractals of individuality.  Therefore, each one of us becoming a microcosm of the macrocosm.  And here we are! Each a magnificently, unique, individual expression of the Great WHOLE!

However, understanding that we are ‘One’ and experiencing this Oneness are two different things.  I’ve had some pretty profound experiences of being at One with everything.  I can say that it is more than a feeling.  It is more than a knowing.  As simple as it sounds… it just IS.  It is the most basic of all Truths.  And yet, it is truly transcendental. Experiencing this Truth with your whole being will indefinitely change your life.  Why?  Because, when you EXPERIENCE your Self, at a fundamental level, as an integral part of a whole:  a) you begin honouring yourself in a new way, and b) you begin honouring all of life in a new way.  There is a deep wave of love, humility, gratitude and at the same time responsibility that follows.  Tears may well at the magnitude of beauty and profundity this simple Truth reveals.



“We are all made of stardust.  It sounds like a line from a poem, but there is some solid science behind this statement too: almost every element on Earth was formed at the heart of a star.”

So here we are, each a Soul in a human body.  We are all made of the same things.  Star Dust and Earth Elements.  We all have a body that is made out of the very elements that are part of the planet we inhabit.

We know that our body, much like the Earth’s body, is mostly water, and water is as important to our survival as the air we breathe; this is true for all beings cohabitating with us.  We know that all systems are interdependent and if one thing gets thrown off, it affects all the other systems.  

This is true in on our cellular body level and in the countless intricate and dynamic systems found in nature.  It even goes beyond that into our energetic systems when we look at an atom in great detail.  All that exists boils down to the same thing. Energy!  Which, as the quantum world is showing us, can never truly be separated. 

So if we can begin to see the world through these eyes, we can interact and engage with ourselves and with each other, and indeed with all of life, from a place of the outmost respect and honour; caring for and stewarding life, knowing that we are all infinitely and indefinitely interconnected.  Knowing that what happens to one affects the whole.  There is no real separation and there never has been. 

This place of connection can only be found within the field of our hearts. It is not to be understood.  It is not to be rationalized or reasoned.  It is to be experienced.  And that is up to each one of us.  We’re living in a world that seeks to distract and direct us elsewhere.  It’s the only way to keep us believing in our separateness.  Once we drop down into our hearts (through meditation or other practices) this world will change very quickly.  There will be no room for treating others in ways that you yourself would never want to be treated.  This is where we are going.  Heart centered awareness is the next stage of our human evolution and the inevitable outcome is Unity Consciousness.  We may have a long way to go.  But it starts here. It starts with you.  It starts with me.  It starts today.


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