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Here are 6 principles we use on and around the farm on a daily basis to help us stay focused and remind us of who we are and what we’re doing.

1. Giving

We do our best to give back more than we take. Whether it’s grazing cows or having an up lifting conversation with the neighbor, we like to walk away and feel proud of what we accomplished.

2. Work with nature.
We watch nature and try to mimic what it does. Trying to fit nature into our own design only makes it harder on the animals and more work for the farmer!

3. Prioritizing
Farmers always have some kinda chore to do, but the timing of doing the right thing at the right time is a little more difficult. A practice we have on our farm is to make sure the animals are fed, before we eat ourselves.

4. Don’t forget the little ones.
There’s more life in the soil than we think. A teaspoon of healthy soil can have up to 1 million bacteria. If we can take care of those friends under our feet they’ll help us build better soil.

5. Diversity
More is better. More species of livestock, more species of plants and grasses, and more people working with the land. Every one of these species utilize a different resource, or have a different interest. Together we can build a community.

6. Integrity
Above all we strive to be honest and bring honor and glory to God in what we say and do.

I firmly believe in building each other up. That’s how you build trust and that’s what we’re here to do with you.
We’ve Been Farming Since We Were Boys

Growing up with animals of our own, we’ve spent a large percentage of our lives farming in West Virginia.
We moved into the area onto a small farm when we were young. We enjoyed our growing up years running through the woods and playing with our animals.

We have been around livestock most of our lives and it didn’t take long to fall in love with the lifestyle.

In 2008, our plans were shaken by the unexpected; our dad passed away suddenly from a heart attack. We were 15 and 13 at the time of his death. Our dream of farming seemed far from reality.

But we stuck with it because we’ve always wanted to know exactly what we’re eating, so we continued to raise animals for our own meat.


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We offer farm fresh produce boxes delivered right to your door! Each large box contains pesticide-free produce from Sow a Heart Farm and Ayala Farms. Our delivery routes expand all across Los Angeles from Venice to the Palisades and from the West Valley to East LA. We’ve got you covered!

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