The Height of Humanity: Surveying Earth

Aug 30, 2023 | Magazine


Written by Face The Current

August 30, 2023

Tom Hegen is a German photographer specializing in aerial projects that document the effects of humanity on the Earth’s surface. By highlighting the complexity of the relationship between humans and our environment, Tom provides us with a unique angle of the locations from which we extract, refine, and consume resources. With solo exhibitions and group shows held all over the world, Tom’s work has been recognized by some of the most prestigious creative awards including The Red Dot Design Award, The International Photography Award, The Leica Oskar Barnack Award, and the German Design Award.

Tom’s abstract perspectives are a stunning, educational, and thought-provoking display of nature’s bountiful beauty and the role we play in our often parasitic but ideally symbiotic relationship. Here, Tom shares with us his inspiration for landscape photography as a communication tool, the need for more conscious resource extraction processes, and what it looks like as global agricultural practices evolve in the face of climate change.

spanish farmland

You have a unique approach to visual storytelling and you provide perspective on the relationship between humans and our environment. What led you to focus on this with your photography and work?


“I studied visual communication in my bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Communication design basically transfers information by using visual tools like graphic design, infographics, illustrations, motion pictures, or photography.

During my studies, I discovered my joy of photography as a medium to express stories and art. I started with classic landscape photography with vast landscape views, classic foreground, middle-background compositions, and chasing the perfect light in the early beginnings. But, soon I realized…”

spanish farmlands

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