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Sow A Heart Farm

       Based in Fillmore, CA

We believe that what you put in your body matters, and we believe that what you put into your community does too. We started Sow a Heart Farm with the promise that we would grow delicious food that is good for you and good for the earth. We are committed to regenerative agriculture that builds up our soil and community.

Regenerative agriculture is us going back to our roots. We focus on the land and the soil. We rotate our animals on pasture, which helps draw carbon into the soil – as opposed to being released into the atmosphere. Rotational grazing encourages perennial grasses and clover, which feeds the animals and produces the best soil possible. Here at Sow A Heart, we raise food for people who care about their health, about their families, and about the environment.

We offer farm fresh produce boxes delivered right to your door! Each large box contains pesticide-free produce from Sow a Heart Farm and Ayala Farms. Our delivery routes expand all across Los Angeles from Venice to the Palisades and from the West Valley to East LA. We’ve got you covered!


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