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Connect with direct and local sourcing from growers and producers to "know your farmer, know your food."  You can also find services and agri-tourism experiences.

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Search and filter by products, practices, certifications, service types, experiences, location and more.  

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Discover True Farm to Table Eateries

Find your next favorite go-to true farm-to-table restaurants, cafes, bars, bakeries and more.  

Responsible consumerism on Eco Farm Finder strengthens food systems from the ground up!

Eateries make up a significant portion of the food supply chain. Eco Farm Finder provides a curation of true farm to table in our directory to connect you with the freshest food, sourced locally! We define true farm to table as an eatery that grows their own food, and/or sources from their local growers and producers.

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Revitalizing Our Systems

By participating on Eco Farm Finder’s digital platform, you are supporting this transformation and supporting the growers, producers and agricultural service providers who are our land stewards, food and goods suppliers - a vital industry that has one of the greatest impacts on human and planetary health. 


Vote with Your Dollar

Our food systems are in need of a change. It is time for us to get back to our roots, reconnect with our food and lands, and revitalize our personal and planetary health.

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Eat Nutrient Dense

Sourcing local and direct from growers and producers means fresher food that retains more nutrients. Farmers employ many of the featured practices you can search for on Eco Farm Finder to further enhance the nutrient density of your food.

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Support Humane Animal Raising

This results in a more natural and stress-free life for the animal, which leads to healthier meat. Farmers and ranchers employ many of the featured practices you can search for on Eco Farm Finder to help you source ethical and humane.

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Eat Local

Support your local growers, producers, and agri-service providers.  You get fresher food and products, help reduce the carbon footprint that is created by typical food transportation, and strengthen community.

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Avoid Toxic Food

Transparency of practices on Eco Farm Finder allows you to see how your food was grown, what’s in it/on it (or better yet- what’s not).

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Support Food Diversity

Find foods not available grocery stores, such as heirloom fruits and vegetables, quail and other egg varieties, medicinal/culinary herbs and flowers, specialty dairy like raw-milk and goat/sheep, and more.


Support the Environment

Improving carbon cycles, restoring biodiversity, and regenerating our lands, are all positive effects achieved through collective stewardship of the land.