Reuben Krabbe

Award-Winning Outdoors Photographer

Award-Winning Outdoors Photographer

Reuben creates in the outdoors, from photographing ski expeditions in the arctic, to writing and directing tourism commercials in his home of British Columbia. Carbon Offset Photography ~ 1% Donated to Nature ~ Protect Our Winters Ambassador.

‘What do I want to be when I grow up’?

I was a teenager the first time that ‘Photographer’ was the answer to that question. Between high school and a photography career I grew my craft at photography school, gained some business education, lived in a van, worked bad jobs, and now find myself in Squamish BC.

I want to keep asking that question; there is always time to choose new paths, grow, form new ideas, and cast off old ones.

I still find my answer is ‘I want to be a photographer’. But, the specific dreams continue to change, be it co-directing motion projects, producing film, or dreaming of new and absurd sport equipment. I’m endlessly chasing the elusive rabbits; inspiration and creativity.

In 2016 I had a bit of a personal crisis after realizing my depth of climate change hypocrisy. Since, I have prioritized the pursuit of sustainability in my own craft, and aim to have more difficult but optimistic conversations with co-workers, clients, and friends. I am proud to say all my work is carbon offset since 2017, I give through 1% For the Planet, and donate photography services to several NPO’s. Thanks to all my clients for their work, which enables these efforts.

To followers and friends: thanks for your continued support and interest in my work.

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