Redefining Resiliency

Aug 31, 2023 | Magazine


Written by Face The Current

August 31, 2023

Professional rock climber Sasha DiGiulian is a World Champion, undefeated Pan American Champion, and three-time U.S. National Champion. Outdoors, DiGiulian is the first North American woman and third woman ever to climb the grade 9a, 5.14d, one of the hardest sport climbs achieved by a female. DiGiulian studied nonfiction writing and business, and graduated from Columbia University in New York City. In addition to climbing, DiGiulian writes a column for Outside Magazine, and she has also been published in National Geographic, Rock and Ice, SELF, Seventeen, and CRAVE.

Sasha believes that the power of sport can connect communities and ultimately play a positive role in affecting change in the world we share. She uses her platform for advocacy and conservation efforts to protect public lands, native communities, and the environment, and to promote the importance of eco-tourism and sustainability.

redefining resiliency

Your last name (if read and not pronounced) says you gotta, “DiG!” Where did your inner drive and gumption initially come from?


I’ve never heard that before. I love it. I think that my drive from an early age came from being ruthlessly competitive with my older brother, Charlie. He was better than me at just about everything, except climbing…”

redefining resiliency

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