Our Story

Eco Farm Finder supports sustainable local food systems, globally. Agriculture is the oldest and most essential industry in the world. As environmental conditions and climate change remain a threat, it becomes increasingly important to pay attention to topics like nutrient density, soil health and carbon cycles. The foundation of an abundant future is rooted in the land, and the way we interact with it.

Eco Farm Finder creates an opportunity for farms, farmers and farm to table eateries to showcase their products, practices and services, and for users to engage and interact with food and goods straight from the source. When the community knows their producers, they know how their food and goods are grown and raised. This “conscious consumerism” strengthens sustainable food systems from the ground up!

The Grand Return

The Grand Return (TGR) is facilitating a “return” to a more connected and sustainable way of living. We strive to improve environmental and human health world-wide, promote resource sustainability for future generations, and increase human potential, productivity, knowledge, empathy and connectedness. Our parent platform [ thegrandreturn.com ] is the host for educational articles, videos, recipes and more. Having separate sites for Eco Farm Finder and our content helps improve the efficiency and speed of both platforms, and helps to capture a wider audience.

Our Team