Nils Leonhardt

Landscape Photographer

Landscape Photographer

Nils is a German landscape photographer, driven by the alluring and slow-paced relationship with nature and natural light. 

Life is a collection of moments. And a photographer is the agent who has the power to capture these situations. The mechanism and indeed art of photography aims to interrupt the constant progress of change that is life in order to create long-lasting memories. It always involves subjective judgement about the situation at hand. Putting differently, photography involves the nexus of a subject with the situational moment of time.

With his set of skills, the photographer can take the role of a storyteller in an open-ended und multi-period world. His very action of capturing moments is a manifestation of his subjective construction of the reality of time. By doing so, he is faced with boundary conditions and constraints which provide the mechanism for human creativity that allows imagining new possibilities. His essential function is making sense of chaos, reducing the pluralism of life to a simple entity.

Photography is a lived experience revolving around subjects and moments, while paying particular attention to temporal dynamics that frame the photographic process. Furthermore, subjects and moments coevolve and emerge out of a cumulative series of independent events, constantly creating novel scenarios. And I believe that the possibility of capturing these unique events in time is the distinct contribution of photography, which in most cases does not have the power to alter the social situation on a grand scale, but sometimes at least creates intangible value on an individual level. And this is a truly fantastic opportunity.

I am simply an ordinary photographer. But it makes me proud to be able to display my work. I can only hope that you love it as much as I do. Let me know what you think and please enjoy your stay.

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