Mario Pfahl

Nature & Landscape Photographer

Nature & Landscape Photographer

“I love to create! No matter if content, personal relations, marketing strategies, or ideas. Before joining ESL Gaming and now being part of the esports development, I finished my master’s degree in international marketing and media management and founded and grew my own business for about two and a half years until my studies were finished.

I have been featured in travel magazines as an Influencer on social media and collaborated with many big companies in distant countries. Today, I am looking forward to working in the fields of esports – an unbelievably fast-paced and modern industry that enables people to release their full potential.

Despite this, people will mostly find me photographing, playing the piano, exploring the globe or simply enjoying a good movie and gaming experience.”

◉ Bachelor of business administration – course’s best student.
◉ Master of international marketing and media management – course’s best student. (1,2)
◉ Founded and ran my own company for 2,5 years and gathered experience from a holistic view of a company.
◉ Collaborated with many big companies from all over the world and in different countries as a travel influencer such as Huawei, VAUDE, Mandarin Oriental, Accor, Osprey, Grand Mercure, Tierra and many more.
◉ Collected intercultural skills during long-term collaborations with international companies in the European and South-East Asian areas.
◉ Marketed myself as an influencer and could grow my audience very fast (market orientation).
◉ Marketing & Ticketing Manager at ESL Gaming GmbH since early 2019.
◉ Senior Marketing Execution Manager at ESL Gaming GmbH since October 2020.

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