Lessons in Harmonious Living

Aug 31, 2023 | Magazine


Written by Face The Current

August 31, 2023

The ancients of Khemit—Egypt—understood that everything that we perceive originated from nothing or no-thing within the infinite potentials of the primordial waters of Nun. All experience is an illusion of consciousness experiencing itself through the perception of the expression of individuated aspects of itself.

This deep knowing is expressed within the myths and legends of the pantheon of Egyptian Neteru (gods and goddesses) that ultimately portray a vast knowledge about the energetic structure of our cosmos and its universal laws. They were never intended to be perceived as gods as we understand the term today— they were meant to be symbolic representations of impersonal principles operating throughout our perceived universe. The Neteru were not static or linear principles, rather they were understood to be in constant transformation as they migrated through our perceptions of time and space.

harmonious living

Everything presented symbolically in ancient Khemit had at least seven different levels available for interpretation, depending on the observer’s level of awareness. These are the different lenses through which anyone can perceive reality. For example, if you perceive the world through your base chakra, you will see a world perceived as physical matter expressing through linear patterns of time. However, the alchemists who undertook years of discipline and secret ritual would also see at least seven layers of time and space bending and folding in cyclical patterns of perception. These levels can be associated with the Chak-Ras or inner suns. The goal is to bring the levels into harmonic resonance within the self, in order to achieve a greater depth of wisdom to navigate that which is experienced without.

harmonious living

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