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Aug 31, 2023 | Magazine


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August 31, 2023

It’s no secret that wine is one of the oldest beverages known to humans—archeological samples and residues date back thousands of years across several cultures. One of the oldest known complete wineries was discovered in a cave in Armenia, dating back to 4100 BC. This site contained a wine press, jars, fermentation vats, and even drinking vessels. The Mediterranean was also an ancient center of wine production between 6000 and 5000 BC, with wine-making technology only improving during its tenure with the ancient Greeks. In fact, ambrosia was the Greek Gods’ drink of choice as it was a sweet and magical wine thought to impart immortality. It was so revered at the time that it was prolific in classical Greek poetry. Georgia is generally considered to be the “cradle of wine” as archaeologists have found evidence of wine creation in the civilizations of the South Caucasus in 6000 BC. By the end of the Roman Empire, common cultivation techniques throughout Europe were established that we still use in the present day.

Today, the U.S is among the world’s best producers of wines, with regions in California, Washington State, and Oregon leading the way in number of top vineyards. With breathtaking views of Mount St. Helena, organically farmed vineyards and gardens, a relaxing atmosphere in the heart of Dry Creek Valley, and a location only moments from downtown Healdsburg, Sonoma County’s Quivira Vineyards is one of these outstanding wineries.


Family owned since 1981, Quivira Vineyards believes in intentional winegrowing and a commitment to organic farming. Proprietors Pete and Terri Kight purchased Quivira in 2006 from its founders, Henry and Holly Wendt, after being captivated by the winery’s historical location at the confluence of Wine Creek and Dry Creek. They were also moved by Henry’s vision for better wine through improved vineyard management and the use of biodynamic and organic farming techniques. Since becoming the new owners, Pete and Terri have rallied the Quivira team around a strong sense of purpose and the guiding principles of the ways in which a sustainable, holistic approach to grape-growing can yield distinctive wines.

The winemaking style at Quivira emphasizes balance and transparency of terroir—the complete natural environment in which a particular wine is produced, including soil, topography, and climate…


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