We are a family farming together. Our goal is to raise animals outside, in ways that benefit them, heal the earth and nourish the people who eat them. We also want to be transparent about our practices – so come visit us in Buchanan!

The foundation of our beef is our forages, mainly grass and legumes on pasture. These plants take sun, water, and carbon from the air and produce the energy and protein needed to grow and sustain the cattle. We see this as the most restorative and forgiving process on our farm.

We rotate our small herd multiple times per week on pasture. This resting of the pasture allows for regrowth, as well as a break in the parasite life cycle. In the winter they are fed hay, mostly harvested from our land. Our cattle are never fed grains. We raise a variety of heritage breeds and are moving towards breeding our own stock.

All of the beef is dry aged for 3 weeks and can be purchased in bulk or by individual cut.

Our pigs rotate on pasture around our pond and through the woods, enjoying acorns and last year’s walnuts. When the risk of mud making is high we put them on a deep bedding of mulch to keep them clean. Our homestead chickens also keep the pigs company and provide entertainment.

Our pigs live outside; enjoying the shade of trees, tasting a variety of forages, and exploring new paddocks every few weeks. In addition, the pigs are fed locally milled non-GMO grain. No antibiotics or growth hormones ever.

We breed, farrow and raise our own stock of heritage breed pigs.

This is our first summer operating a market garden! We are selling seasonal produce at Portage Farm Stands in South Bend, Indiana. Our approach is to invest in the soil and harvest healthy produce. No sprays are needed.

Saturdays 10am-noon, 1007 Portage Ave., South Bend.

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