Bountywoods Farm is an old-time family farm near Berwick, NS, operated by Marvin and Amanda Weber. Our eight children all have their parts as we work together to grow farm fresh food.

On our diverse family farm we raise:

Chickens & turkeys fed organic grain on lush pastures.
Tasty, tender grass-fed beef.
Woodland-raised pork fed organic feed.
Vegetables grown on living soil.
Free-range eggs from happy, organically-fed hens.
Cut flowers and herbs–to make both people and our beneficial insects happy!

You can fully enjoy our meat products knowing that the flavor is just the beginning. Our animals have access to the outdoors as much as possible, with freedom to graze, root or frolic in the sun… to be what they were created to be.

The grain we give to the pigs and poultry is organic and non-GMO; and the cows are 100% grass-fed. This native pasture-based diet is the best way to produce highly nutritious meat products–for our family and yours! If you’re having a hard time finding a trustworthy source of farm fresh food for your family, we understand. We haven’t always been able to find the unpolluted foods we needed to nourish our large family. That’s why we started this farm in the first place.

As stewards of God’s beautiful creation, we strive to take care of the ecosystem and our animals’ health and welfare. Encouraging soil life is a priority for us. We don’t use pesticides, GMO’s or harmful chemicals. Instead we build soil using minimal tillage and other organic gardening techniques. We’ve planted strips of perennial flowers and herbs as a home for beneficial insects. Our farm market stand is open Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm; and you can also find our farm fresh food at the Halifax Forum Farmers’ Market on Saturdays. Orders can be picked up at Upper Tantallon and Windsor drop-off points.

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