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Located in Chipley, on the Florida Panhandle, co-owner George Fisher oversees all aspects of raising the livestock and farm operations.  The program truly began back in 1976 with Limousin seedstock production and what has grown out of that is what has become Arrowhead Beef. 

A significant portion of George’s operation revolves around the production and conservation of forages. In addition to perennial pastures, there are several varieties of forage crops produced for Arrowhead Beef. These forages are grazed or conserved as hay or round bale silage.

The other owner of Arrowhead Beef is Tony DeBlauw, who joined with George in 2013 coming over as a passionate consumer who wanted to provide like minded individuals with better access to quality meats.  While George tends to all ranch operations, Tony oversees all matters related to sales, marketing and distribution.

Cattle are raised in what we call “herd-life harmony™”, which surmises the idea of the traditional methods of pasture raised beef, a life in which the animals never undergo stress and lead an idyllic farm life. Beef processing and aging are performed in small batches, with utmost integrity & workmanship at a local, USDA-inspected facility which is also run by George and Tony.


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We offer farm fresh produce boxes delivered right to your door! Each large box contains pesticide-free produce from Sow a Heart Farm and Ayala Farms. Our delivery routes expand all across Los Angeles from Venice to the Palisades and from the West Valley to East LA. We’ve got you covered!

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