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“We are excited to be a part of Eco Farm Finder!” -Cape Cod Select Premium Cranberries


“I love your mission and I think this is an amazing idea to connect like-minded people and products.”  -Marlee Imbarrato, Owner of Fleur Flower Farm


“I love what you are doing. I believe your offer will be valuable.” -Sean Lenihan, Founder of The Honest Bison, Inc.


“I love what you are doing! Thank you. I care so much about our earth and those on it. Five bouquet rating from our farm.” -Knebel’s Flower Farm


“I am excited to be a part of this!”  -Tarie Benson, Owner of Skiyou Ranch


“You are making a difference.” -Melanie Riley, Owner of Riley’s Ranch


“Love your concept and you present it beautifully.” -Isabel Hermann, CEO of Sonny’s Farm


“What you’re doing is urgently needed.” -Nancy Chase, Owner of Shambala Farm to Table Bistro and Permaculture Farm

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Custom Profile

Your member profile helps consumers get to know your business by featuring an ‘About’ section and image gallery, listing your practices, as well as the products, experiences, services, and ways to buy that you offer.  It also includes your custom url, your logo, contact information, and company website.


Your business is discoverable on Eco Farm Finder by location, products, services, experiences, and practices you offer.  Discoverability is also enhanced through our SEO and expansive marketing.


Eco Farm Finder brings customers to you through extensive marketing efforts that include content marketing with our quarterly magazine, web articles, and recipes; plus eight social media channels, and email newsletters. Our collaborative partnerships further expand reach to your target audience.

Coming This Year

Profile Management

Update your profile seamlessly to make product changes, share recent photos and more with your EFF member profile account.

Available in 2024

Sell Products Online

Reach more buyers and increase your sales by allowing customers to access your inventory anytime, anywhere, making self service purchases online through Eco Farm Finder and flexible fulfillment options.  

Subscription Service

Create recurring revenue by offering product subscriptions. Choose your terms and schedules for ongoing subscriptions with common products available year-round, or seasonal subscriptions.

Multi-Vendor Orders

Buyers can make purchases online from more than one vendor in one single order. This added convenience can increase percentage of sales by enabling buyers to get more of the items they need in just one single order.

Delivery Service

This optional service becomes available to Eco Farm Finder members with our delivery service partner to meet convenience expectations of today’s consumers and offer delivery options for order fulfillment. 

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