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    Strengthening the connection between people and land.

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    Improving environmental and human health worldwide.

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    Making true farm to table the preferred choice.

Join The Movement.

Eco Farm Finder is revitalizing the world's oldest and most essential industry- agriculture. Our global platform connects users to "know your farmer” and tap into direct sourcing, agritourism, and the true farm to table experience. Farmers and growers around the world are doing their best to facilitate the return to a more connected and sustainable way of living. Improving carbon cycles, increasing nutritional value of food, restoring biodiversity and regenerating our lands are all positive effects achieved through collective stewardship of the land.

Bali rice fields

A World of Experiences

Highlighting educational and immersive experiences like cooking classes, farm camps, tours and stays, school trips, wedding venues, and workshops is a major component of Eco Farm Finder's overarching initiative to promote symbiotic living between people and the land. These are opportunities to return to our roots, reconnecting with ancestral ways of living. For all of our history, mankind has lived with, and because of, our abundant natural environment. Looking to the future, it is vital that we appreciate and nurture our planet. Earth takes care of us, let's return the favor.

family meal at the vineyard

More Than Food:

New York Times bestselling author, Michael Pollan has long been an advocate for food, sustainable agriculture and our connection to it, and nature itself. For nearly half a decade, he has been writing books and articles about the intersections of the human and natural worlds: on our plates, in our farms and gardens, and in our minds. His extensive research and writings on these subjects have inspired many, including our team, to develop stronger personal connections with food and nature.

"Food is not just fuel. Food is about family, food is about community, food is about identity. We nourish all those things when we eat well. There is a lot of cultural wisdom in food. And indeed, that’s how we knew what to eat for all this time. We didn’t have scientists. We didn’t have industry, hawking products at us. We had food culture. Whether it’s the Mediterranean diet, French diet, or the Indian diet–there are so many traditional diets on which people live long, happy lives with very little chronic disease.

In your choices about food, you express what matters to you. There is organic. When you support organic, you’re supporting food that’s been grown without pesticides, without chemical fertilizers, and usually with more respect for the land. There’s also local food. The local food movement is one of the most exciting things going on in the food world today. If you’re concerned about climate change, that’s one reason to change the way you eat. Eat closer to home, and eat less processed food, and you will cut down on the carbon footprint of that food choice.

Even if you get it right just once a day, you can produce a more sustainable agriculture, a cleaner environment, diminish climate change, and improve the lot of animals. That’s an amazing power that we have, and we all have it."

-Michael Pollan